Advanced Permanent Hair Removal

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JoAnne Fisher, CPE and Kolleen Sweeney, CPE

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Client Testimonials

Time in your day is so precious and when it is directed towards a daily task that starts to consume not only your time but your daily thoughts it is hard to think about what life could be any other way. What if you had unwanted hair for years and you began to pluck it to make it go away and those 5 hairs turned into 20 that turned into 200 and slowly turned into 2000? Imagine the increased time investment to those hairs to feel beautiful again.

Erie PA Permanent Hair Removal

What if you could get that time and self image back? What if you could remove the hair in those places forever?


Joanne Fisher has not only given me my time back by removing my unwanted facial hair but has freed my mind to think about more important things in life other than "did I miss a hair this morning?" I was not sure if the financial investment would be worth it to begin, to invest in something takes belief and I honestly took a leap of faith and began electrolysis.

After the first visit I began to feel less hair and after the 10th visit I began to believe the hair could be gone forever. I slowly began wearing nicer shirts and putting my hair back more and not worrying if I had an extra pair of tweezers in the car for "that hair". My skin began to look healthier with less breakouts from ingrown hairs and I began to feel beautiful in my own skin again and not consumed with self conscious thoughts.

Today, almost two years after my first treatment I do not have hair in unwanted places and find it hard to remember the mornings I would sit for 30 minutes in front of the mirror plucking my facial hair before work. You know when you have to do something each day the thoughts that go through your head if you forget or do not have time? Joanne Fisher has given me the freedom to be me in my own skin and control what I want to spend time doing and thinking about, and it is not about removing hair.

I thank Joanne for her passion and firm direction for helping me make the decision to commit and invest in myself, she has given me a freedom I will forever be grateful for.

-- Carrie Swain

Did you know?

Gently exfoliating your skin before your treatment opens up the follicles and lets the unwanted hair slide out more easily.

Did you know?

If your electrologist can't see the hairs, they can't zap the hairs. Plucking, waxing, threading, or tweezing before your hair removal appointment reduces the number of hairs your electrologist can remove.

Did you know?

The hair you see is not all the hair you have. Hair grows in cycles. That's why it takes more than one appointment to permanently clear an area.

Electrolysis Tip

Ask your electrologist for aftercare advice. We can recommend the product that is right for your skin and treatment program.

Electrolysis Tip

Talk to your electrologist about any questions or concerns. We want your experience to be as comfortable and effective as possible.

Electrolysis Tip

It's okay to shave between treatments, but never, ever tweeze!

Never tweeze between treatments.

Electrolysis Tip

Clean skin releases unwanted hair more easily. Remove your makeup before your appointment, Remove makeup prior to your electrolysis the hair follicles are clean and accessible.

Did you Know?

Electrology is the only hair removal method recognized as permanent by the FDA.

Electrolysis Tip

For a more comfortable treatment, avoid caffeine for a few hours before your appointment.

Electrolysis Tip

HydrateHydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
Drinking plenty of water helps unwanted hair slide right out.

Electrolysis Solutions

   For Athletes
   For Breasts & Sensitive Areas
   For Coarse, Wavy Hair
   For Darker Skin
   For Hormonal Changes/PCOS
   For Men
   For Teenagers
   For Transgender

JoAnne Fisher, CPE and Kolleen Sweeney, CPE - Electrologist

Advanced Permanent Hair Removal
JoAnne Fisher, CPE and Kolleen Sweeney, CPE


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